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A womderful puzzle game! In Boa Bonanza, you play a pizza delivery snake who is trying to deliver a pizza to a very hungry customer far away. Other snakes are blocking your path, and it is up to you to untangle the knot and get your snake to the customer safely. But beware! Eating burgers will grow your snake, while big, evil snakes can eat smaller snakes. Can you solve the puzzles, as we continue to introduce new levels of complexity?


Boa Bonanza started out as an experiment to make a musical rhythm game under Karel Crombecq's previous company Sileni Studios. Pepijn Willekens was doing his internship there at the time. The concept was to control a snake by playing on a physical recorder flute. After 2 weeks of prototyping, they noticed that the gameplay wasn't very fun, but that the way snakes moved on the hexagonal grid had potential for a puzzle game. After another week of prototyping, the basic concept of Boa Bonanza was ready, and it felt really promising. After spending a few more weeks on building more puzzles, implementing additional puzzle mechanics and creating a handy level editor, the decision was made to develop the prototype into a full game and release it on Nintendo Switch. Karel and Pepijn started Hats & Skins as a company dedicated to finishing Boa Bonanza. Since both Pepijn and Karel were programmers, Wim De Hert joined the team as art director. This made it possible to throw away all the programmer/placeholder graphics and start anew, with a beautiful new artstyle. Hats & Skin is currently in the final stage of content production for Boa bonanza.


  • Intuitive, easy-to-understand puzzle mechanic with plenty of depth
  • Highly polished, family friendly art style
  • 100+ puzzles
  • Regular new puzzle elements to keep the game fresh


There are currently no trailers available for Boa Bonanza. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!




Selected Articles

  • "It's an utterly charmimg boa-based brain teaser that left me feeling sssssuperbly smart with every level that I completed. Each puzzle is beautifully handcrafted and every level looks beautiful. This game definitely deserves your attention!"
    - Sean Oxspring, Game Designer
  • "I'm really surprised how tricky it gets."
    - Edward Nottingham, Twitch Streamer

About Hats & Skins

Hats & Skins is a 3-person team, currently dedicated to developing on Boa Bonanza for Nintendo Switch.

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